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Ron Harpham started trading as Mithra Systems Limited in 1995 when he was receiving many requests for advice in setting up databases from small businesses in and around the Gloucestershire area.   These businesses could contact him through the company leaving Ron free to concentrate on his work for the Ministry of Defence.  In 1997 Ron decided to leave the MoD and focus his attention on Mithra Systems when his department was 'sold off' to a private company.  Later that year Ron won the On-line Document of the Year for work he did for the National Waterways Museum. Since 1997 Mithra Systems have had contracts with Government departments including Ministry of Defence, Environment Agency, National Assembly for Wales, Training Standards Council and Adult Learning Inspectorate as well as with large and small companies including Egg, British Telecom, Valor Heating, Kraft Foods and GE Aircraft Engines. In 2005 Ron decided that it was time he spent more time at home, 10 years of travelling the length and breadth of the country solving other peoples' problems had left him with little time to indulge in his favourite pastimes of walking and photography. In 2006 after completing all contractual commitments, Ron closed Mithra Systems started Mithra Designs and the idea of Gloswebdesign was born.  However before Gloswebdesign took on too many customers Ron took on the responsibility of maintaining and further developing a database system designed to assist in the management and care of patients with kidney disease.  This database is now used in hospitals throughout England, Scotland and Wales.  In the meantime Ron kept his website work to a minimum serving just a few customers in the Gloucestershire area as well as The Labour Party. Working solely from his Gloucester based office except when it's necessary to be at a customers site, Ron's aim is to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with the work that Gloswebdesign undertakes.  
You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.  But it takes people to make the dream a reality. Walt Disney.
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